It started with- I was left with a light green patiala salwar[Indian pants with lots of folds].I had sewn that for a lemon yellow chiffon tunic. They did not match very well.I finished that tunic set by buying another green[with yellow stripes].
Now this green salwar was sitting idle. I found a violet [ not exactly violet, but more of blue, this I learnt when I was choosing the right thread} and green material ikat weave.
Here it looks like grey, but it is green.

G&v tunic fabric

I wanted to do something simple for yoke, just to complete the embroidery quickly!
I was a slightly fascinated by lagartera embroidery at that time and wanted to try my version.
This is a simple pattern, starting with small squares in satin stitches-

G&v tunic -yoke WIP

Completed yoke on my next post.