Now that the embroidery is completed, I have added the antique sequins. A leaf shaped sequin is attached to the centre of the motifs. The rest of the sequins are usual ones.
I designed this yoke keeping in mind the different sequins, it was just a matter of choosing the different stitches, which would go well with the sequins. The border patterns would work well for decorative seams too.

blue tunic yoke - completed

The tunic material is dark blue chiffon .I couldn’t find the exact colour material for the yoke.[After embroidering directly on georgette earlier for two tunics,, I learnt my lesson well. Not to do it again for a long time! ].The material was another dark blue with shades of violet. As you can see, it was not too different.

blue tunic- with sewn yoke

After wearing it, I realized that it would have been better if it had been lined with another fabric. Also never thought that the sequins would stand so prominent in this colour.