After all the stitches were completed on the yoke, I stitched some antique gold seqiuns and beads for embellishing. The picture of the completed yoke and sleeves-

green&yellow kutch- beads

Now for the tunic itself, the tailor had stitched beautifully the yoke and sleeves to the tunic, with the neck pattern . I wanted a deep neck for the back, with a crossed cord made with the green fabric.

green&yeliow kutch- tunic

Whenever other people made comments about the design or embroidery, it was either the tunic was good or the embroidery was good, or else the colour combination was nice.It is very interesting to see how each one’s taste differs.
Very rarely, the tunic, design , embroidery, colour coordination, all together would be a success. This tunic is one of that kind.