I drew kutchwork patterns on graph and tried working the journey for these new patterns.
Instead of doing them a sampler, I embroidered on tunics.
In this tunic, I chose one motif and repeated to form a border.
This border was worked in the middle and sides on the front side of the tunic.
I knew , kutchwork in black thread is done on black fabric, making it look as a part of the fabric, like lace.
Here, I wanted to try using medium red on maroon striped tunic.
The tunic

red kutchwork tunicred kutchwork tunic-frontred kutchwork tunic-side closeupred kutchwork tunic-sleeves

I did the small square motif in the middle, in dark brown-

red kutchwork tunic-front

I turned the border pattern at right angle and used it for the sides.-

red kutchwork tunic- side closeup

 For the sleeves alone, I used a different motif border, and every alternate motif is done two colours-

red kutchwork-sleeves

After completing the embroidery, I gave the fabric for sewing.

This time all the pictures came got glued together, I had to insert again!