I found this kasouti pattern on local pattern book, and wanted to use on a tunic.
The picture taken is of the last piece of this tunic set.
I had a dullred striped mangalagiri with beige border.I used the pattern for neck and and front.It was a long project!
The embroidery was done in beige and cream.I completed the embroidery, and later found a plain grey duppata[scarf] to go with it I wonder why?  At that time, I was in the mode of accesserising all my tunics with scarves
I drew the same pattern on to the scarf, and started the embroidery.this was the time we shifted to Muscat.  I  left it behind .when I returned I wore the tunic without the
Two years later the scarf was still lying there, suddenly I felt like embroidering on the pattern, which I did for one motif
. In the mean time the tunic became a little tight for me, I decided to give it away. Meaning I don’t have the picture of the tunic.
Now the grey scarf is lying there, with one completed motif in that colour.combination,
The pattern-

kasuti pattern on grey

The completed  motif-

kasoti motif on grey

Waiting for some inspiration, to use this motif.