March 2011

This is the 25th week stitch of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon.B.
The third set of variations-
3a.the Vandyke stitches go up and down on this row.
3b.the Vandyke stitches are worked on a curve.
3c. the same long and short Vandyke stitches are done with two stitches together, the last few stitches have a mind of there own towards the end.LOL!

vandyke st-3a,3b,3c

Another set of Vandyke stitch variations

This is the 25th week stitch of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon.B.
The next set of variations-
2a.the Vandyke stitches are worked on a row of long and short stitches the Vandyke stitches are worked towards the top, making the bottom longer.
2c. the Vandyke stitches are worked on two rows of intercepting stitches.

vandyke st-2a,2b,2c

A few more variations are there.

This is the 25th week stitch of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon.B.
Iam sharing the variations I have tried of this stitch-
1a.this row I learnt how to work this stitch.
1b.the  stitches worked  are quite long.
1c the  stitches are short and the thread used is thick in this row.

vandyke stitch-1a,1b,1c


This embroidery was done a few years ago.
The fabric-Grayish brown mercerized cotton,the salwar[Indian pants] red handloom cotton.both are plain fabrics.
Pattern- very simple floral pattern. At that time I was quite fond of these patterns.
A small part of the neckline pattern went along for the sleeves also[which is not seen here]
Embroidery- stem stitch for the veins and satin stitch for the flowers.the whole thing was done with three strands of cotton skein.

brown& red tunic-1

The closeup-

brown&red tunic-closeup

I had adopted this particular floral [satin] for a few of my yokes.
when I wanted to draw a paisley pattern, I even filled it up with this flowers. Easy to work,and looks nice too.
I did the same flowers on this  pink tunic  too.

Earlier I had blogged on violet tunic here.
The embroidered yoke and sleeves are taken from this green tunic. I did not know I had the pictures of this earlier tunic.
Here also , the picture is not of high quality.
The embroidery done in self colours- the reason is the dupatta[scarf] was bright block printed lemon yellow. It matched well as a set. The fabric colour is also a mixture of green and yellow[not clear in the picture]. Embroidery here was just a subtle detail.
My sister in law liked this set very much.[ though,she liked the duppatta more than the tunic]
The tunic-

”]The closeup-

old green tunic closeup

Imagination is the key factor here, with this picture, which will give life to our vision[quite poetic for me]

We need to understand the importance of our health and well being. And we should take the informations which we stumble upon in our life time– learn, understand,adapt, practice,and make it our own.
A few years ago, I met a woman, Hasreen in Salallah. This lady taught some basic things about our health[exercises and diet], which proved to be very useful.
To this day , these theories are working so well.
I wanted to gift[guru dakshina] her something special, so I embroidered a blouse with kantha work for her.
The picture taken is not of high quality, all that I have is the memory of doing it.
The blouse was to be worn with a saree.
Front neckline is partially covered , generally back neck is embellished. Here also I followed the same idea.
The pattern was designed for kantha embroidery[Indian embroidery from Bengal].
The colours- green and shades of pink.
The neckline-

pink kanthawork blouse-neckline

I made a paisley pattern for the sleeves, and border pattern on the neckline is done along with it.

pink kanthawork-sleeves


The picture was taken with a simple camera, I just wanted to share the idea here.

This tunic was made with the idea of wearing over a full or half sleeves t-shirt.
It has lining. Yoke fabric colour in handloom cotton, was similar to the pattern colour on the tunic.
I had some’ idea drought ‘ while designing for this tunic.
Pattern-near the neck, I decided to use the striped pattern on the fabric.
A ordinary floral design pattern was chosen for the rest of the yoke.
Embroidery- Various stitches used- stem, chain, straight, satin, fly variation. Some green glass beads and antique sequins were also added.
Threads- two, three shades of green and pink were used.
The tunic-

green silk tunic

The close up-

green silk tunic closeup

This tunic always reminds me of the idea drought, I had while I started on this project.
I could have-
Used a different fabric colour for yoke,
Used a fabric with silk sheen.
Chosen very different colours of thread.
A bright design pattern.
The list goes on and on…

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