This tunic was made with the idea of wearing over a full or half sleeves t-shirt.
It has lining. Yoke fabric colour in handloom cotton, was similar to the pattern colour on the tunic.
I had some’ idea drought ‘ while designing for this tunic.
Pattern-near the neck, I decided to use the striped pattern on the fabric.
A ordinary floral design pattern was chosen for the rest of the yoke.
Embroidery- Various stitches used- stem, chain, straight, satin, fly variation. Some green glass beads and antique sequins were also added.
Threads- two, three shades of green and pink were used.
The tunic-

green silk tunic

The close up-

green silk tunic closeup

This tunic always reminds me of the idea drought, I had while I started on this project.
I could have-
Used a different fabric colour for yoke,
Used a fabric with silk sheen.
Chosen very different colours of thread.
A bright design pattern.
The list goes on and on…