This is last set of variations of siennese stitch from stitch challenge-TAST2010 by Sharon.B.
The details-
10a-A row of siennese stitches with as straight stitch on top and some fly stitches done at the bottom.
10b-A row of stitches are laced with perle cotton.
10c-the stitch is used for couching down perle cotton thread.

24.siennese st-10

Some experiments with beads and sequins
11a-Sequins are placed in between the stitches
.11b-Added 3 beads to each siennese stitch.
11c- this row is vertical version of this stitch, the twisting thread is worked with beads.

24.siennses t-11

Thus the siennese sampler is completed, I’ ll post the pictures of the full sampler in the next post.