This handloom cotton fabric is in light pink mixed with beige.
I wanted to do a medium sized motif repeat pattern for a yoke,for quite sometime.
For this set, the salwar[Indian pants] is block printed cotton in dark pink.
The basic pattern is in oval shape, which is repeated all over the yoke.
The colours used were pink& green, apt for creepers,flowers& leaves.
This picture was taken,while I was still working the embroidery-

Pink&green yoke-working

After finishing the embroidery, I added a few zardosi beads at the tips,

Pink & green yoke

Now, the finished yoke with the salwar.

Pink &beige tunic

Though the basic pattern is not very big, by repeating it,we can have a big embroidered yoke.A few years back, I had a store bought tunic, embroidered[machine] with this type of yoke, This tunic is inspired by that.