The 23rd week stitch of the stitch challenge by Sharon, TAST2010 is waved chain .
now for the stitchsampler-

This line is stitched in zig-zag pattern.
– Adjacent lines of zigzag waved chain st.

waved chain st-1

-the stitch is done right angled-not perfectly ,ofcourse.
In this the thread went around the needle 3 times[instead of 2],I did 5 stitches as line stitch and did some individual stitches too.
the stitch is done in a curved line.

waved chain st-2

In this line the first stitch is of small width, the next longer width.
One normal chain alternated with waved chain.
One stitch in 3 strands , next one single strand.

waved chain st-3

This line is done in 2 colours,first as a normal line, then the stitch done on one direction.
I added beads to this line, not very eye catching, I know.
The individual waved chain [or]waving chain? are facing away from each other.
This line I stitched first chain stitch vertically,then proceeded to add as many stitches till I got a curve, the next stitch, the same thing in opposite direction.
With all these efforts, this looks like quarter buttonhole wheel.

waved chain st-4

After doing the first chain, I tried varying the placement of the next stitches.
One line of buttonhole stitch,with single waved chain.
Arrowhead stitch, waved chain done on top and bottom.
Variations of single waved chain.

waved chain st-5

I arranged 3 single waved chain as an half flower, and did a line of that.
A set of 3 waved chain stitches, arranged as a line in 2 different colours

waved chain st-6

A bead is added to the basic chain.
One waved chain completed with a straight stitch, done in zigzag manner.
. I varied the height of the stitch in this row.

waved chain st-7

Tried to converge 2 waved chain stitches,.this gave an idea of doing butterflies with this stitch.

waved chain st-8

Did one chain in the middle, went around the needle on both sides
Tried a motif with the individual waved chain.

waved chain st1-10

 the Stitch sampler is completed here.While I  was doing this sampler, I tried to write each and every row, it was quite tedious,but don’t know whether it is useful.But this sure is avery long post.

waved st sampler-1waved chain st sampler-2

waved chain st sampler-3

waved chain st sampler-4

the sampler is 13 inches long.