This is the 22nd week’s stitch of the stitch challenge by Sharon and is a variation of  chain stitch.The sampler-

Triple chain st-1

learnt to do the stitch on the first row.

The chain st in the middle, is made long&short alternatively .

Here, the chain sts  on the  top and bottom  are made in adjacent holes.

triple chain st-2

The side chainsts are from left to right.

The bolder side chain sts are from right to left.[Great innovations]

I tried some  similar  variations of the side chain sts.

Here, the height of the longtailed side chain sts [really long word] are varied alternatively.

Iam really enjoying this sampler,since Iam only typing the variations now!

Triple chain st-3

This row of triple chainst  is capped with fly stitches.

Laced this row with a ribbon[though not perfectly] you get the idea.

the chain st is whipped in the row[not seen clearly, next time I’ll do it in contrasting thread]

the sides chains are notusual chains , but twisted chains.HA! HA!.

triple chain st-4

the top chain sts are normal chains and the bottom ones are longtailed.

 In this row there are two variations in the height of the side chain sts.

 This row is for adding beads later.

this row the side stitches are leaning to the left.

Triple chain st-5

Added beads.

A row of zigzag back st, single triple chainst[is that correct?] and shabby beads.

A really wide cretan stitch with triple chain st.

Triple chain st-6

Two rows of vertical version of this st.

Tried some motifs with this stitch.

The sampler is done.It is 14 inches in height.

Triple chain st sampler-1

Triple st sampler-2

Triple chain st sampler-3

I enjoyed doing this sampler.From this sampler I have started measuring the height of the sampler piece.