There is new ‘posta photo’ challenge announced on stitchinfingers.The name-‘fly stitch’.this time I could join the challenge,because I have a fly stitch sampler.

 I worked this sampler  2009 for TAST challenge by Sharon.I enjoyed doing this stitch.It can be done for many of the decorative seams

.I still haven’t completed a single stitch challenge so far, but I like the idea of challenge,it is something to- look forward, learn,plan,create, work, and achieve.I like the idea of not completing -less stressful that way. So that we can enjoy doing what we like in a organised manner.

Now, I have  to take up the TAST1 AND TAST2  stitches. I also  have to  do a post on ‘triple chain ‘ stitch sampler.

Stitch sampler wallpaper