While  browsing the antique pattern books downloaded  from the antique pattern library, I was fascinated by some embroidery designs done  in white on bonnets.  Such wonderful patterns. And I wanted to use them .

I had a stitched  pink tunic with a white printed salwar.

The E-book did not have  patterns, only the embroidery. So I made a choice of the design and the stitches. These I incorporated on a symmetrical  yoke pattern.After tranfering the pattern to the tunic,I did the embroidery.

the fabric is  handloom cotton in plain pink.

White emb on pink-1

the veiw from another angle-

White emb on pink-2

The  embroidery  work  I did was not perfect by any standards.So what ? This ‘ll be one more excuse to do more embroidery.