Iam participating in the stitch challenge  TAST2010 by Sharon.B

the 18th week stiitch is wave stitch,it appears similar to cloudfilling , which was also in this challenge.

 This is a filling stitch.And Iam doing band samplers. So, I made thin rows of this stitch-

 Started with the basic stitch,

Then went on to see how this stitch will look shaded.

wave st samp-1

On this row I started with single strand of cotton skein, and kept adding more thickness ,while I went down.

 Now In this ,the 1st line was normal, but I made the stitch on the 2nd line short and long.

I tried making some pattern with this stitch and detached chain stitches.

Wave st samp-2

 To form this row, 2 lines of this stitch is made with space inbetween.Then a small straight st is added there,to work the pink thread.now 2 lines of this stitch again.

 I got the inspiration from  sample  done  on the flickr galery of this challenge.She had done this stitch in free form, -first I  decreased the height of the stitches on the subsequent lines and on the right side, I increased the height of the stitches.

Wave st samp-3

 In this row I decreased the number of stitches to half on the second line.

Now, I increased the numder of  stitches on the subsequent lines.

Wave st samp-4

I tried varying the height of the stitches on the second line, As you can’t say it is pretty, I added some detached chain.

Instead of moving as a wave on the 1st line,I  did one stitch straight  and the next stitch slant.I followed this pattern on the second line too.

Wave st samp-5

On this row fly stitches are added  to the valleys made by wave stitch.

I became real adventurous now, added same detached wave on the second row . [was not a great idea.]

I wanted to do some diamond patterns with this stitch.

Wave st samp-6

Now I shouted ‘ENOUGH’ and did a row  of what this stitch is meant for- filling stitch.

 Added some fly stitches,upright crosses, small squares, straight stitches,detached chain on the free spaces.

wave st samp-7

With that I finish this sampler-

Wave st sampler-1

which is continued-

Wave st sampler-2

Though I have done a few trials of this stitch,The actual working of the stitch is not very  perfect., A marked fabric would have helped, maybe.

Anyway , Let’s move on,

This journey is quite long.