Iam happy about , the name of this week’s stitch is short.

This is the 17th week of the stitch challenge TAST 2010 by Sharon B.

.As Iam working all the stitches in a band form,I tried doing this individual stitch also in  rows.

1st  is always a learning line.

I did a row of arrowhead stitch,and placed the sword stitch on the peaks and valleys.

 3rd row is  also arrow head stitch,with the sword stitches facing each other.

sword st samp-1

 This row of sword st is leaning towards the left, I added floral sequins and some beads, and as you can see,I bungled with the beads.

In this , 4  sword stitches are starting from the center , where an upright cross stitch is done, I finished  this by  adding few cross stitches, in between.

sword st samp-2

3 sword stitches are starting from the center with  sequins.The photo is not good.

sword st samp-3

I did these  2 rows of sword stitch in 2 colours,to make it more decorative,I changed the angle of the stitches  and added some beads .

first motif of sword stitches is with detached chain stitches.

2nd motif,I did a small needle threading at the centre, with a circle of sword stitches.

3rd motif is a semi circle of  sword stitches  in 2 rows,with beads

sword st samp-4

Last row is collection of 3 sword stitches going in 3 directions.

I liked the stitch,  and the colours I used for this sampler. Very simple stitch.Can also be used as a filling stitch.

The full sampler-

Sword stitch sampler