This week’s challenge stitch of the TAST 2010 was very interesting.It blends itself to many possibilities. I tried only a few-

To start off, I tried this stitch for the first time.

next line, the narrow and wide version of this stitch is alternated.

3rd line-as you can see, one stitch is short  and next one long.

I tried varying the heights  of the stitch.

 In this- 2 lines of the stitch, facing each other.

Italian border st samp-1

 Next, just two lines of the stitch.

 this stitch is a trial of  decorative seam,just by adjusting the placement of the stitch.

Arranged the stitch in a semi- circle.

Italian border st samp-2

detached chain st ,fly stitch  are added to a line of this st.

The line is made of the stitch in 2 colours.

A line where I alternated between the basic stitch and its inversion, embellished with beads.

Laced this line with a thicker thread.

I whipped the last line of this stitch.

Italian border st samp-3


This is a very beautiful stitch., can be used in place of fly stitch as a decoration.

The stitch will look better if done on an evenweave.

 I keep changing the fabric, to see how each stitch appears on them.

And my personal library of stitches is also growing.

 My sampler-

Italian border st sampler