The 15th week st of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon, is ladder stitch.I am not very familair with this stitch. So  to do this sampler, I started of with a open ladder stitch , to understand ,how it can be done.

the next line , the actual ladder st. then I tried grouping 2 stitches together.

ladder st samp-1

For the 4th line and changed the band width

 the 5thn line is ladder st ,curved.

ladder st samp-2

In this line ,I tried weaving 3 lines of thread into the stitch.The picture is not so good.

ladder st samp-3a

On this strip , a thick cord was inserted to the stitch,Then there was a small fight between the stitch and the cord,where the cord won,but the stitch looks very pathetic.anyway I understood the method,next time I’ll do it properly[when?]

ladder st samp 3b

 Beads were added to the windows on the stitch,

the next line I tried different stitches to the of ladder st.

ladder st samp-4


 In the last line , I tried tying the ladder st in different ways-

ladder st samp-5

I did not do many variations of this stitch, The full sampler-

ladder st sampler