Bullion stitch has started the chasing game again with me.

When I encountered bullion in TAST 1 challenge, I got scared,

A few times earlier, I have had my very bad days with  bullion st.This time I decided, I ‘ll struggle with it. I ‘ll do all the necessary steps,whatever the result may be,This will be my version of bullion.

Thought of trying  some variations ,I started with  a few  buttonwhole wheels-

6. buttonholeeyeletsampler -1

This sampler is in blue.I can’t procrastinate any more, I have to sart my bullion st.

6.but -eye -flo sampler2

Itried with beads too. I tried mixing other stitches with  my bullions[They are really my bullions,because they do have some peculiar charecteristics]A few more-

6.but-eye-flo sam-3

.this time I tried the stitch around the flower at last, till now they turned away from the buttonhole.


This is  the whole sampler. Though the sampler is completed, I need to work more, but I can definitely postpone now.