This yoke was done atleast 10 years before.I was going through the old photos, when I saw this piece.At the time , when I did this embroidery, I was ignorant of the different  embroidery styles.After choosing a motif, I incorporated it with all the different embroidery stitches[at that time, I was learning the stitches from a   book].

Old yoke-1

these twin panels started  from the shouders, and ended at waist. I have separeated from the original tunic [Dark majenta block printed in black]

yoke closeup-1

The picture quality is not very good, but  you can see, how enthusiastically, I have used variety of stitches!

yoke closeup-2

Each umbrella[?] had a different filling pattern, and I filled each and everyone them!

yoke closeup-3

Another umbrella bursting with stitches.I was also NOT stingy with colours, more colours the better.I remember to have used 11 colours.As if the  filling stitches wasn’t enough, a line of back stitch and mirrors was also added.

yoke border closeup

This is the closeup of the border, even it has 7 colours!I also changed the fabric for the border, and did a line of insertion stitch to attach it to the cream fabric.May be I had the idea of consealing the cream fabric!