The inspiration for this came,while looking at Wills India fashion week last year.Maybe it was a printed pattern, it was not very clear,it reminded me of old greek or roman borders on vases. Instead of using mono colour, I adapted  a pink and green combination, It looked like this-

pink and green border

The green was not technically green because, it has a line of blue in it.Sofar so good, then to enhance the effect I added some cream and gold. Now-

yoke border

I got it attached to a printed tunic with another cloth[I was very stubborn on this because, the pattern was made for this purpose] 

finished tunic

After seeing the overall effect, all I can say is I’ll  be open for changes in future.
I did not leave it at that, I custom made a patiala salwar for this, I wonder why?
One smart thing was I left this tunic set in Madras, when I went for my 25th school reunion.