Wishing everyone a very a happy new year.

I just returned from India[again-last year alone I made 4 trips toChennai]after celebrating our school 25th year reunion,this concept is still new here,we enjoyed throughly.

first time I fasted a whole day on vaikunta ekadasi- also visited 5 temples.

looking back-

 I didn’t complete the stitch explorer and TDSITM challenges.

Managed to complete more projects than previous years.

Organised my projects this year.

Decided to set realistic goals in 2010.

2009 was the first year I set goals- I didn’t reach them , but completed over 70 projects [including stitch challenges and small projects].Realised, I accomplish more when I enjoy my needlework, the challenges just add more spice  to this.I did not allot time for the tutorials on this blog . Don’t want to jinx by  writing more on this.we’ll see.