This tunic is a mangalgiri handloom cotton.I seem to be doing lots of green this year.Wish I had known of these  patterns before,it would have been easier. this tunic was sewn  and sitting on my wardrobe for months.I liked the colour combination, forgetting I already had too many greens.Finally I decided to do a small yoke in chain stitch.With the lemonish green printed salwar, the colur choice wasn’t many.The tunic started like this-

chain stitch tunic

This type of embroidery, done fully in chain stitch is very common in kashmiri embroidery.They use Aari needles to work the patterns, Iam not familiar with aari needle, so this was just normal chain stitch, done on kashmiri yoke pattern.The finished piece  looked like this-

green mangalagiri

This sure looks dull!Generally  I prefer  contrasting or complimenting colours.And I have 2 more green tunics to design.And I don’t even like green that much!