My friend showed me a tunic in a very soft cotton fabric.I liked the texture and how it draped on the body[ similar to [crepe]. There’s  one fabric -mulmul. which is a semitransparent cotton,loves to cling to the body, and with our Madras weather[very humid], we just followed wherever we it went. We kept pulling it away  from our skin-very  inconvenient, so it was worn as a saree. When I went to Madras , I  bought a few[1  never seems to be enough for me] of this nameless fabric.This tunic is  blockprinted  in dark blue.After browsing the wills India fashion week s/s, was inspired to do this pattern.


blue,red sleeves

The sleeves were fully done in red.This is the usual gujarati/rajasthani sleeve pattern. The embroidery  covers the upper arm.Mirrors,antique gold sequins were also used for embellishing.


front panel

I did three of these panels. the finished tunic is –

blue red tunic

 All the three panels are not seen here,they are all same.