This one is a double colour[violet & medium pink] cotton readymade top.

I had to wear a saree for a religious function  at my brothers place. It was just before my nephew’s wedding. I had cracked my right pinkie, so my right hand was plastered and slinged.Blouse for the saree is generally fitted to our body, with this huge[not very huge] plaster, I couldn’t put the sleeve through my right arm, my friend suggested I should buy a short top, and wear it for the occasion, which I did.

Now plaster gone, sling gone, Iam having  a very plain short top.I did a small motif with stones, I enlarged the original design now I don’t remember from where] for this-


violet top

 My hubby dear is not too very fond of this very short, loose[XXL]top. It looks like a tent when when I wear it.It fulfilled its need as a blouse,now it is just one more project, maybe It had something to do with the colour I suppose,This top scares him so much,whenever he remembers it ,I have to promise,  not wear it or anything like it!