Iam stiil working on some Indian tunic embroidery.This trip I exceeded myself  on buying fabrics and supplies. I am repeating this as a mantra[ reduces my guilt].I always say to myself,- Iam doing embroidery only on tunics, Iam not venturing into  other styles,now with this shopping spree, it’ll take avery long time to try anything new.I am browsing the net to find inspirations for my designs.

 This green tunic was bought a long time ago, some projects have this tendency to sit on the shelf as UFOs rather than completed projects.this was one such case. the designing also was done a few months ago, I started embroidering, then left it  for some reason. Now, 2 months ago Iwas able to finish the piece. the inspiration for this pattern was from a book-Expressions by K. Prakash. this book is full of traditional Indian designs.


green kurtha-1

Chain stitch was used extensively, a little bit of stem for the creeper[leaf?] Inside border, a line of feather stitch.Antique gold sequin for the flower center.


Green kurtha- closeup