To understand this stitch better I have using Ikat weave as an inspiration.This is helping a lot .I have also started on considering the possibilities of  phulkari and kasouti.In Phukari, the pattern darning is  used extensively,  but they don’ t use even weave fabric, but any other fabric like, cotton, chiffon, silk.  Typical motifs which can be filled with this stitch are drawn.The wrong side of the fabric doesn’t carry much thread[ to avoid damage].

In kasouti,the basis is holbein stitch,these pattern darning motifs are incorporated in between . Both holbein stitch designs and pattern darning designs can be drawn on graph paper, [easier that way].

Now for my sampler-

8 patterns

8 patterns

As you can see, I have been experimenting  with colours.till now it has been tie and dye ikat weave patterns.