Most of the days  I spend some time browsing the net  – embroidery related.There are so many blogs on this needle craft.These blogs are individually and collectively very good.Each and every person is so talented in their unique way.And there are so many blogs too.I control myself and  browse  only an hour every day.All of them inspire me.It’s like an  ocean- and Iam  looking  for fishes.For quiet some I wanted to write about  this.I like how they make such cute small scale embroidery,most of the blogs I don’t even understand the language- this craft goes beyond languages.Some people are so generous-they share their  patterns.

Iam new to  blogging- I don’t know so many things on it, my typing is very slow, these are only few of the obstacles. but today I made some   progress and have added a  f ew links on my blog roll, I ‘ll try and continue with this task regularly.