This is the second stitch on this challenge.Shawkl had given two versions of each stitch -with and without beads. I have stitched  without beads.These decorative seam treatments serve different purposes- they look good,can be used for decorative purposes[crazy quilting]  ,helps in coordinating colours,explore different stitch combinations and useful as a sampler too.


When I initially started learning embroidery, I found a way for remembering the stitches- I ‘ll pick one stitch , and choose a pattern appropriate for that and work the whole project in that stitch. this helped me to master each and every stitch I chose.I don’t do that any more, I usually mix and match various stitches together. I am able to use only a few stitches at a  time.Some times I also work on particular type of Embroidery- Kanthawork, kutchwork, mirror work, assissi, cross stitch,beadwork.

 Working on these decorative stitches is a new learning experiance. I also wanted to do 100 details in 100 days. first I ‘ll start with the TDSITM and may move on to this one. Sharon is currently posting information on her band samplers- Iam interested in that also.It seems work ing between my projects, and challenges ,learning new methods  of embroidery moves back on my line of priorities.Either I have to organise myself more or Iam doing too many things at once. Time will tell.