Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I enjoyed doing this month’s stitch explorer-Assissi embroidery.

But ,Iam not fully satisfied because, I don’t feel I have explored this embroidery.I did not try new and bigger ways. Iam still new to these challenges,and just feeling my way now around .

I did not explore trellis stitch at all -Iam yet to learn.Somehow I keep postponing it.

My assissi picture frames all together-assissi007

I eagerly waiting  for the next challenge,and hoping I can explore and finish it on time.

This is the last picture of my four assissi frame  designsassissi0041


  Deer was the main theme.I chose  an easy blackwork fillng pattern.

I like the border of this picture the best of the four .

I forgot to take photo of this picture ,while I was working.

The framed picture-assissi006