October 2008

For the past few days I have been working on my button hole sampler. My aim is try at least variations of each TAST  challenge stitch.This will be my personal challenge.this goal motivates me to try more.I also wanted to do this as a  stitch sampler , which I can refer to periodically.I have done a few designs on buttonhole stitch earlier, so Iam quite familiar with this stitch.It was a pleasure working on this variations,

button hole -1

button hole -1


Yesterday,I finished doing variations of “detached chain” week-3 stitch.
I always had ideas of trying different ways of the stitches I was working on.But never let myself
explore these new ideas till now.
Working on this challenge,is a great way to see the potential of each and every stitch.
I stick to safe colour co-ordinations,I think Iam not too adventurous .
Iam also working on my chikan work tunic.this is taking a long time.I have started making a list of UFOs,WIPs,WISPs,Ideas also.This is getting longer and longer.

Iam back from my visit to Chennai, India.

As usual 3 weeks flew just like that-catching up on latest news, attending a marriage in Hyderabad,

listening to Bhaghavad Gita and Upanishad lectures,over stuffing myself with lots of goodies.

After coming back,I started on my TAST challenge.Week-1 herringbone is finished.

herringbone stitch
herringbone stitch


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